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Web Design & Development

Web Development is a broad term of website design. Axis Software Solutions serves large scale project like Social Network Services, Web Portal, Business Services like Billing Online Software, Building a CMS from scratch etc.


Custom Software Development

Axis Software Solutions has long experience and expertise in the development of the customized softwares and online applications. We provide the one-roof solutions to your needs for a customized software with high level of service.


E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce has developed as an ideal solution for the doing great businesses online. Axis Software Solutions understands your requirements and help you to set you your online ecommerce store with a personalized touch.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a one-stop solution for all of your marketing needs. It is a continuously growing field and cannot be ignored. We at Axis Software Solutions help you meet and attract your potential customers on the internet.


Content Management System

We at Axis Software Solutions create user-friendly and stable Content Management System that lets you create, edit, organize, and publish content across platforms very easily. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are some of the most popular CMSes.


SEO Services

Search Engines are the most effective way to get your website noticed by potential customers. We at Axis Software Solutions create websites in such a way that helps your websites to appear in the Google search and other search engines.



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We use open-source technologies

Web design includes different skills and technologies in the production and maintenance of websites. Our way to deal with responsive website, design is an iterative procedure between our designer and our customers. This approach creates a genuinely organic solution. The outcome for the customer is an experience that does not go astray too a long way from the standard design handle however we raise and maintain current standard of website. Read more

The overall frontend creation includes multiple skills like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. Our features:

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. We maintain designing standard
  3. We create S.E.O. friendly Website
  4. Logo Creation
  5. E-mail Solution

PHP Applicaton Development

PHP is a scripting language which is extensively used for Website development ,CMS & Custmiaztion , Web Portal & CRM ,Ecommerce Website & software to create dynamic, flexible, interactive and compelling web pages. It is a general purpose language where a PHP source code is planted into HTML source code and translated by the web server through a PHP engine module. The outcome is web page document. PHP environment involves many utilities like supporting different types of web development tools which in itself includes graphics in applications. Mostly, PHP is deployed on web servers and act as a standalone interpreter on most of the operating systems or even a platform without any extra cost.

Specializes in PHP web development owing to the power offered by PHP environment and its capacity which are efficiently tapped for client benefits through trustworthy systems to work as per business requirements. Originally, PHP was abbreviated for “Personal Home Page” but today it stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. Read more


Content Management System (CMS)

Now a Days, Content Management Systems(CMS) are the most popular solutions for website design. These solutions empower clients to manage their websites themselves.All Content Management systems depend up their usability for success, if a user is unable to perform the action without assistance the system has failed. We design CMS systems that are completely self explanatory and need no training or guidance whatsoever.

A CMS system can also bring about a change in the way you use your website. Assigning responsibilities to department heads for updating their portions of the system makes it a lot more productive and faster process. Read more


CRM Web Software is a web infrastructure that presents information from diverse sources (customer interaction, customer information and much more) in a unified way.Self-service centers like customer support are becoming the fast channel of choice for customers. Password-protected access to key customer support tools, such as the Knowledge Base, gives customers the information they need, whenever they need it.

You can customize the CRM Portal to meet the design of your organization. The content can be implemented using our wide range of gadgets.CRM portal Solution is a gateway to all the CRM resources a company needs, to provide competitive products and services using the principle of, “right person at the right time”. It leverages databases, analysis, reports and communication methodologies. With CRM Portal solution you’ll see loyalty go up while your service costs go down. Read more

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