Mobile App Development:

Axis Software Solutions is a specialist Mobile Application Development outsourcing company having a wide experience in Mobile Applications. We have an extensive expertise in Mobile Application Development platform including Application Development, Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Google Android, NFC Phone, iPhone Mobile Website Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development

Our team of Mobile Application Development specialists produce economical solutions by isolating components in an application that hinder development, solve with effective and industry standard techniques. We have developed many customized iPhone Mobile Applications, Java Based Mobile (J2ME) Applications andWindows Mobile Application Solutions. We also provide complete, end-to-end mobile/ wireless solutions that integrate business transactions through mobile devices and content delivery systems to publish a range of information valuable for both suppliers and buyers.

We at our offshore development center provide full spectrum Mobile Application Development that encompasses the entire mobile application development cycle from initial design and architecture to development and integration into existing systems. We have expertise in building multiple applications that utilize the Palm OS, Windows CE, Symbian OS, CDMA & GSM Phones and Tablet PCs. We have development experience in GPS based J2ME applications.

    • IPhone App Development

Today smart phone become an important part of our life , smart phones is not only used for communication but apart from that smart phones also play a major role in for fun and entertainment. With this scope Apple has occupied a good place in smart phone market.Mobile iPhone Development India is a professional iPhone Application & mobile software application development company which provides solutions and services for the most popular communicative devices such as iPhone,iPad,Andriod,Blackberry, Window Mobile etc.

As we know that ios is one of the most advanced mobile operating system which provides an exquisite platform for creating the next generation of innovative mobile applications.For developer point to develop iPhone application iPhone developer need to have full knowledge of iPhone SDK platform, as apple iPhone does not support Flash so developer need to have triumph over HMTL 5 and other replacement of flash not only this developer should have been through each and every aspect of Apple terms and condition for submitting application as Apple closely monitor application before submission.

The iPhone applications that are developed by us are highly useful either its is developed for business specifications, application for personal gadgets all have its own importance not only this with the easy navigation and user friendly .We have well balanced of developers and programmers they have high technical skill and have deep technical knowledge not only this they are have innovative thoughts with turquoise by which they are able to provide the best and innovative iPhone application which the client requires.

We provide the following iPhone Application Development services:

  • SDK Application development
  • Custom Native Apps development
  • Web-Safari Application development
  • Social Networking Application development
  • GPS Enabled Apps development
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Hire iPhone Apps Developer
  • iPad Application Programming Development
  • Games Application Development
  • iPad Tablet Application Development
  • Map Apps Development

You can hire an iPhone Application Developer from us for all above mentioned services. We have a huge team of experienced iPhone Apps Developers and the team are well versed with Mac machine, Xcode 3.2.5, iPhone SDK 3.1 to iOS 5 & iOS6 , device Simulators , UI & Prototype Design , and by that they are able to generate quality and rich application for our client. We provide our client flexible hiring , client can hire iPhone apps developer from us on Hourly, Monthly or Weekly basis as per requirment.

Benefits of hiring developer from us:

  • 1.   Developers will work for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week exclusively just on your project.
  • 2.   Experienced, dedicated Developers are available at very low rate.
  • 3.   Developers are using the latest technology,software & tools, to make sure you get the best application.
  • 4.   Developers are available on Instant Messenger of your choice while they are working for you.
  • 5.   Developers will work as per the task entered by you in our Project Management Tool.
  • 6.   Developers will be reporting you daily, on the same Project Management Tool, where you enter your daily task.
  • 7.   Developers will also be reporting to you via email.
  • 8.   You are free to contact them via email or Instant Messenger while they are working for you.

1.2 IPhone 3g Application Development :

  •  leading apple iPhone 3G Application Development company with expertise in apple iPhone 3G Development joins hand with leading local yellow pages search provider to provide GPS Based Yellow Pages Application on iPhone. Axis Software Solutions Technologies started development on apple iPhone 3G developmentsoon after apple release apple apple iPhone 3G phones in Asian Market. In a short span of time Axis Software Solutions developed many business applications including Multimedia & Entertainment Based Applications, Interactive Games Applications and GPS Based Applications in iPhone.
  • Axis Software Solutions is working with Travel Network to facilitate the Booking of Airlines, Cabs and Hotels using the iPhone. Axis Software Solutions’s Development team having iPhone Developers with more than 2 year experience in developing iPhone based applications, who created reusable Xcode modules for Rapid Development & Deployment of new apple iPhone 3G Applications.
  • Axis Software Solutions provides complete solution which includes, web service application, Web / Desktop based backend Admin/CMS for management of data & content used by iPhone application.
  • Axis Software Solutions Technologies develop apps that take advantage of the following iPhone technologies:
  • Multi-touch interface in iPhone.* Accelerometer in iPhone.* GPS application in iPhone.

    * Proximity sensor in iphone.

    * Dialer in iphone.

    * Address book in iphone.

    * Calendar in iphone.

1.3 Andriod Application Development:

Android application development is becoming a rage all around the globe. As a result of which, companies are looking for app developers in android so that they can leverage their business ideas on the latest technology. The use of Android-powered smartphones is booming with hundreds and thousands of Android apps already developed. The Android mobile phone market is growing at an impressive rate with new handsets being released all the time. Industry experts believe the boom owes much to the popularity of the open-source nature of the OS.

Advantages of Android platform

  • GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS technologies to send/receive data across mobile networks.
  • Comprehensive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics.
  • A wide range of libraries for image, audio and video files.
  • Features of Video camera, Touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer.
  • Interprocess communication (IPC) message passing.
  • P2P using Google Talk.
  • SQLite for data storage.
  • Export and signing app for publishing

Export and signing app for publishing

When it comes to a mobile based android business application, Android application development may give way to reach out every potential customer. An Android app definitely provides an edge to your business over competitors as you are exposed to one of the largest user-groups of smart phones. It is a powerful mobile operating system, and it can offer excellent technical support to convert an idea into reality; however, having the support of expert Android app developers is always a precondition.

For acquiring a functional and performance-driven end-product, the best way is to outsource your Android software development to India. We are one of the leading Android Development Companies in India with dedicated developers and thorough knowledge of conceiving and concluding Android mobile software development projects.

1.4 BlackBerry Application Development:


Axis Software Solutions Mobile Solutions team has expert BlackBerry developers providing software solutions for enterprises, small businesses and end users.

Whether your goal is to build a custom application from scratch or to port a new or existing program to the BlackBerry platform our BlackBerry developers will help you with both.

We deliver custom BlackBerry software ranging from small standalone applications to larger BlackBerry solutions integrated with your enterprise back-end systems.

Our technical expertise includes:

* BlackBerry Field force/ Sales force automation

* Inspection forms

* Reporting solutions

* Integration with enterprise back office systems

* Point of Sales/M-commerce applications

* Management productivity tools

* Communication and Messaging applications

* Multimedia applications

* Time cards/ Expense sheets

* Bar coding solutions

* BlackBerry GPS solutions

Axis Software Solutions offers the following BlackBerry-based development services:

* A Competent engineering resource team that specializes exclusively in mobile solutions.

* A seasoned Project Manager guiding the project all the way from preliminary consulting and architecture definition to software development and support.

* If desired, the team can provide porting services for your application to Windows Mobile devices, Java phones, iPhones or to the Web with minimum porting efforts. Huge market coverage from one provider.

1.5 Offshore Windows Mobile Application Development India

Windows Mobile puts the power of Microsoft Windows right into your pocket. With Windows Mobile, users can browse the Internet, use e-mail, keep track of schedules and contacts, and manage business documents using mobile variants of popular Microsoft Windows software like Office, Outlook and Windows Live. Windows Mobile is a compact operating system combined with a suite of basic windows applications for mobile devices. Devices that run Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, Smartphones, Portable Media Centers, and on-board computersfor certain automobiles.

VMO has a rich experience of Windows Mobile Application development on platform like Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2002, 2003, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Net Compact Framework and uses tools like MS Embedded Visual Studio (eVC, eVB) and MS Visual Studio .NET.

We can develop different kinds of custom Windows Mobile solutions based on your specific business needs. We have an organized, streamlined process to work with you to get your Windows wireless applicationscompleted swiftly, while maximizing return on investment. VMO has been developing Software for Windows Mobile Applications that are being used by wide range of consumers ranging from Enterprise users to mass consumers. We also have expertise in Mobile Location LBS based Windows Application and GPS Windows Mobile Application.

Our technical expertise includes:

* Streaming multimedia application on Windows Mobile

* Location and GPS based Windows Mobile Application

* Win CE(5.0 / 6.0) Mobile Client for Sales Force

* Win CE(5.0 / 6.0) Smart Contact Management System

* Vehicle tracking services

* Local Search/ location Search

* Bulk SMS through SMS Gateway, Bulk SMS provider’s API Integration

* Event tracking application for iPhones and Nokia based on GPS / GSM network

* SMS Advertising

* Mobile Social Networking

Axis Software Solutions offers the following Windows Mobile platform services:

* Data connectivity that is designed to be seamless and secure (SQL Server Compact Edition, XML support, built-in security features, encryption libraries)

* Rich API support (messaging, telephony, connectivity, music, video, Bluetooth, gaming, configuration)

* An extensive range of programming models (native code, managed code, mobile Web development including support for basic AJAX applications)

* Powerful devices (industry standard expansion interfaces, multithreading and multitasking)

1.6 J2ME Application Development

Axis Software Solutions is a software development and testing company that provides a wide range of offshore IT outsourcing, Consulting services and innovative solutions with primary focus on PDA and mobile application development. The company has amassed a substantial experience in iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2me, Android, Blackberry, BREW and Palm software development.

Java 2 Micro Edition nowadays has become the most widespread technology in the wireless industry due to its main advantage: targeting a multitude of platforms, consequently powering most of today’s smart mobile devices. Whether you are going to create a flexible and easy-to-deploy mobile solution or willing to extend the target market of an existing software VMO J2ME development services is the right choice for you.

According to Sun Microsystems, J2ME is supported by over 94 million handsets operating on over 53 different mobile networks. Java technology has come a long way. It will be more prevalent in the coming years in the small wireless gadgets we all Carry in our pockets and wear on our belts, our mobile phones, PDAs, and handhelds. In fact, it has supported wireless phones comprise over 80 percent of all the major phone handset manufactures. Such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Blackberry and many more.

Our technical expertise includes:

* Application design and development on J2ME compliant framework.

* Mobile Payment System- Mobile catalogs and m-Commerce

* Location Based Service

* Personal GPS Safety Solutions

* Business Tools – Inventory Tracking

* Mobile Payment Solutions using RFID Enable Mobile

* Mobile based Survey Systems

* SMS Applications like Auto Responders based on Keywords, authentication support

* Mobile multimedia content development and delivery

* Utility applications with Bluetooth/WAP/GPRS connectivity

* Work Order Management

* Field Services-Asset Tracking

* Time and Materials Tracking

Axis Software Solutions offers the following Java/J2ME-based development services:

* Innovative, Portable and Secure Mobile Application Development

* J2ME Business applications

* Financial business calculators

* Inventory & Materials tracking management tools

* Transportation/ Logistics business tools

* Mobile Games

* J2ME Consulting, Support, Maintenance & Outsourcing Services