CRM  helps you and your company to rise to the next level in your customer relations. Our Customize Web Software are 99% secure. Our promises are that we meet our software to as per your requirement.

Customer Relationship Management Software – CRM

CRM Web Software is a web infrastructure that presents information from diverse sources (customer interaction, customer information and much more) in a unified way.Self-service centers like customer support are becoming the fast channel of choice for customers. Password-protected access to key customer support tools, such as the Knowledge Base, gives customers the information they need, whenever they need it. You can customize the CRM Portal to meet the design of your organization. The content can be implemented using our wide range of gadgets.CRM portal Solution is a gateway to all the CRM resources a company needs, to provide competitive products and services using the principle of, “right person at the right time”. It leverages databases, analysis, reports and communication methodologies. With CRM Portal solution you’ll see loyalty go up while your service costs go down. 


Account & Contact Management

A 360 degree view of your customers information is right there – all in one place.

Email Management

Axis email management offers a easy, professional and cost-effective way to handle growing inbound emails, As a result, your users can provide precise responses… quickly. CRM user interface and powerful productivity tools help users provide outstanding service levels.

Appointment & Task Management

An appointment can be any interaction with colleagues and customers such as a phone call, a meeting, or an email. Based on your related activities. Task management helps you to plan and organize your time in such a way that you accomplish your most important goals as quickly as possible.

Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management is a searchable online repository of information that enables customer service and support staff, to resolve issues faster, to keep customer satisfaction high.

Online Document Management

Upload documents, quotes and contracts for specific accounts and contacts. Set follow-up dates to remind you to follow up on a quote.

Content Management System

Content management system allows organizations to take control of their web pages, by managing the content distinctly from the design. CRM Portal is equipped with a powerful blend of features. The Portal supports a variety of websites ranging from, personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.


Create a Professional Presence with customized Blog. Share what’s happening in your organization with your customers or end-users. User can leave comments or read Blog Archives.

End-User focused

In the past, companies presented end-users what they were supplying, in a way that their company was organized. But nowadays, end-users expect companies to adjust the offering to their end-user needs. A new means of presenting your brand / product / service.

End-users can personalize the CRM portal by adding features and content, setting a theme, adjusting preferences and rearranging the layout. With CRM Portal you can truly empower your customers and significantly increase customer loyalty and retention.

Agile Business

CRM Portal Software is designed to adapt quickly to changing needs and trends. Lots of projects are already delayed before they start, because of difficult integrations. With Axis Software Solutions CRM Portal you can start developing your own business portal right away.

CRM Portal Software – easy self-service, 24×7

With CRM Portal, your customers can enter tickets and get updates 24×7, all via the intuitive user experience.

Business Solutions

CRM Portal can be applied in numerous manners, business models and industries. Here you will find some examples of how CRM Portal could be used.

  • Customer Portal Software Solution provides it’s customers with 24/7 direct access to help desk ticket status via the Internet. As a result, satisfied customers at a lower cost.
  • Employee Portal Software Solution is a web-based CRM Portal solution that helps Employees get the information they need, when they need it. Allow Employees to complete 100% of their HR transactions online via portal. Reduce your annual cost per employee for HR services.
  • Partner Portal Software Solution – CRM Portal technology can be used for partner programs for developers, resellers, and internet service providers.
  • Knowledge Management Portal
  • Business Intelligence Portal
  • Enterprise Information Portal
  • Content Distribution Portal